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Environment and Sustainability at Lucy Jorge

At Lucy Jorge we only use the very best products with exceptional performance but that doesn't mean it has to be at the expense of the environment. We are cruelty free including all of our partner brands. With Lucy Jorge you can achieve guilt and cruelty free hair and beauty.

Cruelty Free Brands

At Lucy Jorge we love animals and have made a conscious effort to partner with brands that love our furry friends as much as we do. Beauty without bunnies!!


KEVIN.MURPHY will not harm nor test on animals. We avoid the use of any ingredient that will damage or harm animals and the environment in any way at all.

Tropic Skincare

In an industry that often overlooks animal welfare and the environment, we promise to never test on animals, nor use derivatives that cause them distress. That's why we stand with Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA as a 100% cruelty-free brand, now and always.

Sienna X

As a ‘cruelty free’ professional brand, none of the products within our range have been tested on animals.

Here at sienna X we are against product testing on animals, as well as carefully monitoring the ingredients we use within our formulations.

Ugly Duckling Nails inc

Ugly Duckling polishes are kind to both the environment and animals as they are cruelty free, vegan and free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor.

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Reducing Environmental Impact

Our hair products from KEVIN.MURPHY are the first beauty brand to offer packaging made from 100% ocean waste plastic helping to clean up our oceans for future generations.

We want to do what we can to reduce the plastic waste generated by our salon. Any plastic waste from the salon is recycled as far as possible and we encourage you to recycle any empty bottles from our products. The plastic containers from KEVIN.MURPHY products are all recyclable, we also only use paper bags and not plastic and we have replaced the plastic salon trollies with recycled card alternatives.

As our beauty brand Tropic say, it’s no secret that our world is increasingly feeling the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our world as we know it, disrupting ecosystems and causing weather patterns with devastating consequences. With 17 of the 18 warmest years on record having occurred in the 21st century, and the last three decades having been consecutively warmer than the previous one, change has to happen now. 

Tropic are a certified CarbonNeutral® company. What’s more, they’re incredibly proud to be leading the way in the industry by double-offsetting our emissions, meaning they remove twice the amount of greenhouse gases that they emit.

At Lucy Jorge we are also doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We have reduced our energy consumption by installing low energy LED lighting and energy efficient appliances. We also actively encourage our employees to car pool and walk to work.

“I have always been passionate about environmental issues, but it wasn’t until I created my first line of products that I really became aware of just how much harm the production processes of any product can have upon the environment.”    – Kevin Murphy

At KEVIN.MURPHY, they make every effort to help and protect the environment by utilising packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. They use only natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, that are harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment at all.

Water is essential to all life on the planet, it's becoming a depleted environmental resource that we need to consider in the salon. In light of this, to create a more effective salon solution, we are replacing our shower heads with the efficient alternative from Ecoheads.

It has been estimated that by 2025, two-thirds of the world will be water-stressed. The average salon basin currently uses over 150 gallons of water per day. By using Ecoheads innovative shower heads, there are potential savings of up to 98 gallons of water in a single basin, as they use up to 65% less water than regular shower heads. In addition we are also using the SUGARCANE.BOWL-LINER from KEVIN.MURPHY. This convenient insert is designed to fit inside the COLOR.ME colour bowl, reducing the need for rinsing between colour applications, significantly reducing water usage in the salon. Made from 100% renewable sugar cane fibre with zero plastic or wax coating, each insert is completely compostable within 30 days making it the conscientious choice for colour.

As a salon we will continue to investigate other ways we can reduce our impact on the environment.

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