Joy drum uplift me

Sometimes you want to feel relaxed, sometimes you want to feel pepped up and raring to go and this zesty collection of body products will leave you invigorated and ready to party. A fab gift for gym bunnies or even those who need a nudge to get them going in the mornings, it’s the equivalent of having a shot of coffee. Same buzz but with zero caffeine.


This collection contains: 

Lemon Myrtle Body Scrub 50ml

Lemon Myrtle Whipped Body Velvet 50ml

Citrus Cleansing Body Pebble 130g

Pebble Pouch

Bamboo Spatula


  • invigorating
  • nourishing
  • mood-boosting

Joy Drum | Uplift Me

  • LEMON MYRTLE - The oils of this tarte citrus fruit delivers a piquant aroma and rebalances the skin’s natural oils.

    BAOBAB OIL - High in vitamins A, C, D and E as well as fatty acids, this will protect and hydrate your skin.

    SHEA BUTTER - Naturally moisturising your body, you'll feel the benefits even when you’re dried off and dressed.