Joy drum unwind me

Dial down the noise and slip into the land of slumber with our wonderful Unwind Me collection. A selection of lavender-infused products, it’s like pressing the mute button on a busy mind so you can get a restful night’s sleep without any tossing and turning. The ultimate present for anyone who is forever on the go, rarely gets any me-time or who’s caught in a cycle of counting sheep, it’s rest, recuperation and relaxation in one beautiful box.


This collection contains:

So Sleepy Luxury Bath Foam 100ml

So Sleepy Whipped Body Velvet 50ml

So Sleepy Temple Roll-On 10ml

Bamboo Spatula

Due to packaging regulations, we are currently unable to ship this product to the United States.

  • calming
  • sleep-inducing
  • aromatherapeutic

Joy Drum | Unwind Me

  • LAVENDER - Blended with rosemary essential oils to create sleep-inducing aromas that help you to unwind and destress.

    FRANKINCENSE - Combined with rosewood essential oil to create a sense of calm that soothes the mind.

    CHAMOMILE - Works in harmony with other calming essential oils to help clear your mind.