Joy drum cocoon me

There’s nothing more mood-boosting than the smell of holidays and this exotic blend of creamy coconut and vanilla scented body products with a twist of lime will transport you to the beach in a single sniff. Helping to create a slice of summer in your own bathroom (even when it’s freezing outside) say hello to the ultimate staycation companion.


This collection contains:

Coconut and Lime Body Scrub 50ml

Coconut Cream Whipped Body Velvet 50ml

Coconut Cleansing Body Pebble 130g

Pebble Pouch

Bamboo Spatula


  • hydrating
  • soothing
  • moisturising

Joy Drum | Cocoon Me

  • VANILLA EXTRACT - Addictive, comforting and creamy, when combined with coconut it will automatically put a smile on your face.

    GOLDEN JOJOBA OIL - Full of vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids, it will leave skin feeling smooth and well-nourished.

    SHEA BUTTER - Naturally moisturising your body, you'll feel the benefits even when you’re dried off and dressed.