Little cracker of joy berry smooth hands collection

Sound the jinglebells because we’re bringing back some old favourites that fans will go giddy for. Designed to treat tired hands, pull the cracker and you’ll find the legendary Berry Hand Scrub and Berry Hand Mask inside joy jars, alongside our beautiful Cranberry Cuticle Oil. Perfect for outdoorsy types – think runners and dog owners – or anyone whose hands have been hit hard by all the extra hand washing this year.


This collection contains: 

Winter Berry Hand Scrub 50ml

Winter Berry Hand Mask 50ml

Winter Berry Cuticle Oil 10ml

Bamboo Spatula


  • Softening
  • Hydrating
  • Refreshing

Little Cracker of Joy | Berry Smooth Hands Collection

  • COCOA BUTTER - High in fatty acids, ensure the Hand Mask works to deeply nourish skin and improve elasticity.

    ORGANIC SEA SALT - In the Hand Scrub exfoliate skin and boasts a variety of restorative properties.

    ALMOND OIL - In the Cuticle Oil intensely nourishes nail beds and helps to repair cuticles.