Bamboo face cloth - white

This super soft, naturally antibacterial face cloth helps to gently buff away dead skin cells and reveal clean, makeup-free, smooth skin after every use. Created using a blend of sustainable bamboo and cotton fibres, it's kind to your complexion and the environment.


Our Bamboo Cloth in Slate has the same super-soft texture and natural antibacterial properties as the standard Bamboo Cloth, but the slate colour is ideal for using with Clear Slate. Why? So that you don’t see any of the grey cleanser on the white cloth.

Bamboo face cloth

    1. After applying your Smoothing Cleanser, place the cloth under hot water and wring out excess water.
    2. Place the hot cloth over your face to warm and open your pores.
    3. Gently massage away the Smoothing Cleanser using the face cloth to reveal soft, polished skin.

    Always rinse your Bamboo Cloth after use and handwash with a mild soap/detergent once or twice a week.

    Do not put the Bamboo Cloth in the washing machine or tumble dry.