A walk on the beach foot collection

Create the feeling of walking along a tropical beach with this luxurious, 3-step polish and repair collection, helping to soften and smooth rough skin, and restore sandal-ready feet.


This collection contains:

Ocean Fizz, 100g

Polishing Foot pebble, 130g

Repairing Foot Remedy, 80ml


  • softening
  • nourishing
  • refreshing

A Walk On The Beach | Foot Collection

  • ILLIPE BUTTERS - Repairing Foot Remedy is blended with this Malaysian butter, which deeply nourishes the skin and helps restore its elasticity.

    EUCALYPTUS OIL - Ocean Fizz combines this invigorating oil with peppermint oil to leave feet smelling fresh.

    WHITE SANDS - Polishing Foot Pebble contains sands from Bora Bora to provide a gentle but thorough exfoliation.